The Jerkasauraus Rex who owns this site uses his life experiences to cultivate the seeds of his discontent and escalate his journey towards self-destruction. Wait, no. That describes two of my favourite characters currently on television: Don Draper of Mad Men and Walter White of Breaking Bad. I, on the other hand, am a sorry excuse for an engineer with a poor grasp on the concepts of wit and intelligence.

The purpose of this site is still up in the air. I am open to any ideas and suggestions.

Since I am too lazy to write a more accurate description about myself, I will copy-paste the rap lyrics I wrote for my online dating profile more than a year ago. The funny thing about the lyrics is that I have been too lazy and unmotivated to message anybody on those dating sites in recent months.

How do I make my profile creative and unique?
Girl, let me impress you with my rhyming technique.
I’m putting in the effort in this online dating venture.
‘Cause I’m trying to find a girl and take her on an adventure.

I think it’s better to try my best, even if I fail,
Instead of being lazy and expecting you to email.
Some may call this rhyming an act of desperation.
Others see this and think that we can have an awesome conversation.

My interests are varied, and I’m willing to try something new.
Intrigued to learn more about everything to improve my world view.
Someone call A & E because I’m a hoarder of knowledge.
I spend too much time researching as if I’m still back in college.

I am looking for someone with whom I can chat and play,
Take her on a first date for drinks at a lovely cafe.
If we hit it off, great! We will see how things go.
Are you interested? Send me a message and say hello.

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