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First (Comic-)Contact: Loot-Whoring at the Hall

Click here to read the first article in this series describing my experiences at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

My first draft of this second article contained a series of anecdotes in chronological order of my SDCC preview night and day one experiences. That article turned out to be a disastrous piece of writing that had me venting and made me come off as a whiny, little bitch who had a terrible time at SDCC. Regrettably, I had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to attending next year – maybe with friends tagging along to join me next time. If you are somehow interested in hearing or reading me go into a bitchfest soliloquy, feel free to talk to me privately and bring up a subject for me to rant about.

This second article will be mostly for pictures I took inside the convention center and shout outs to a few people I met while I was gathering collectibles. Future articles will give my impressions from the game demos I tried, and stories of the other activities I did outside of the actual convention.

Giveaways or Exclusive Products with Limited Supply? Where do I line up?

Though my overall goal was to check out all the booths at the exhibit hall over the course of the two days I had badges for, I wanted to prioritize booths that were giving away free items or had exclusive collectibles for sale that I was interested in. I ended up getting so much loot from SDCC that I filled one checked-in luggage with just loot I got from SDCC. That luggage weighed just under fifty pounds. Go ahead and inform Hoarders about my SDCC loot-whoring ways.

Gathering collectibles usually meant that I was lingering near the booths with those items until lineups were open. During this lingering/lineup time, I met many friendly people and we were able to joke around and discuss our common interests in order to kill time until we got the collectives we wanted.

I would like to take this opportunity for shout outs to a few strangers I am thankful for. While waiting for the lineup to the Blizzard booth to open up for more people, I made pacts with a few strangers: “I save you a spot in the line if I get in it, if you do the same for me.” One of those pact-buddies actually saved me a spot when he got in line and tried to signal me over. Unfortunately, I did not notice him until I was already in line further behind from where he was. Thanks for sticking to the pact, regardless!

My last shout out goes to the girl that was in the group ahead of me in line at the Capcom booth for the Strider masks being given away (pictured in the gallery at the end of this article). They were running out of masks to give away, and the volunteers at the booth were estimating that the last person to get a mask would be the person just in front of me in line. This girl I am thankful for gave up her spot for a mask, since she was not really interested in one. This meant that I would get a mask instead. Thank you, random stranger!

I did not take pictures of the all the loot I did get because most of that loot will be given as gifts to other people over the next few weeks, and I want to keep those gifts a mystery for the recipients. Sorry, internet. 🙁

If you are in one of the photographs I have taken and would like the image to be removed from this article, do not hesitate to contact me.

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